9th story with Kindergarten

So sometimes, the stars align.  Sometimes, the hard work you’ve been putting into your teaching  proves to be working and worth it.  This was one of those days.

Here, I tell the story of a little bunny named Simon who doesn’t want to go to school.  Thank you to my dear friend, Cécile Lainé for sharing the story by Stephanie Blake 🙂  Here is a link to the story in Spanish on YouTube.  The series is also on Netflix in English.

This was my Kindergarteners’ 9th story this year.  I had already told one Simon story and it went over well.  So, I decided to continue with this one, even though it was longer.

Thoughts and observations:

3:30 – Kids chime in, “¡Simón!  ¡Simón!”  This is the beauty of repeat characters for young learners, it gives the kids something to latch onto.  In the first Simon story, his Mom called to him in the same way.  They recognized that!

7:25 – “Where’s the pillow?  Where’s the stars?”  I’ve noticed, especially in K and 1st grade, that some kids can get a little hung up if my drawing doesn’t match what they expect.  It’s typically little details that don’t matter to me, BUT, it matters to them.  I’ve approached this in 2 ways: 1- Ignore the comment and continue telling the story. Or, 2 – acknowledge the comment and do my best to address it quickly.  When I have the time, and patience, I the ladder is way more satisfying to them, naturally.

9:12 & 10:50 – “I thought he didn’t like cereal!?”  “I know what the Mom could do…” Emma remembers and connects to the first Simon story where he doesn’t want to eat any food but pasta!  Well, … pasta and chocolate.

15:15 – “Feliz” 🙂 Multiple kids chiming in in TL.

22:05 – “Guácala you mean?”  Love it when Ss use what they know in the TL to engage with the story.

23:42 – The same girl who said, “guácala” says “no le gusta.”!! … Now we’re talking in TL!

24:08 – “How is Simon ever gonna learn?!”  Cutest comment!  Love hearing how they internalize and digest the story!


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