Story Listening with Songs

Here, I introduce the song Pan, by Señor Wooly via Story Listening.

When I started doing SL last year, I found it so successful and my kids were so engaged that afterward, no other activity seemed to compare.  I wanted to continue to provide rich and compelling Comprehensible Input.  However, there were a handful of things I taught previous to my SL experience that I enjoyed teaching and that the kids enjoyed as well, like Señor Wooly songs.  I didn’t want to cut them out, so when I was looking for a little variety last year, I decided to try and Introduce songs with SL.  The result is what you see.  I think it turned out to be a good intro to the song and since then, I have introduced many more songs via SL; la araña pequeñita, bebé tiburón, ¿Quién tomó la galleta del frasco?, el barco chiquitito to name a few.


  1.  Put the song in story format.  Add details to provide more context.
  2.  Relay the story Story Listening style.
  3.  Do a read aloud of the adapted story (for literate Ss).
  4.  Listen to the song or watch the video.  For videos, you can pause and PQA, Movie Talk style.

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