Brain Breaths in action

This year I am making a consistent effort to include Brain Breaths in all of my classes.      (See what a Brain Breath is here.) At first, I was unsure how to incorporate all 31 breathing techniques (or at least, a wide variety of them) and I wanted some uniformity to my approach. With some thought, this is how I decided to manage my 31 Brain Breaths. It’s been working so far!

  • First, I made Brain Breaths a focal part of my room by displaying them on my bulletin board.  (See image below.)
  • Each week, I select one Brain Breath to focus on. I introduce and practice this one technique with all of my students in grades K-5.
  • Then, the following week, I select a new Brain Breath to focus on.
  • I will continue this rotation until all of the Brain Breaths have been introduced.  Then, I will give students the opportunity to vote on the weekly Brain Breath (giving them maybe 2 or 3 selections at a time to vote on).

I also have adapted Brain Breaths in Spanish for my classroom.  See/download Brain Breaths in Spanish here.

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